Quality System and Measurement Accuracy for Severn Gauges


Severn Engineering Company has in place an extensive quality system that complies with ISO 9002 as well as several other quality requirements. We are not certified to any of them due to our small size and limited resources.

The Severn Engineering Co. is dedicated to working to the highest quality standards. A Quality Manual and supporting Specifications* cover all aspects of the operations. The operations and specifications are compliant with the following Standards:

Permeability Conformance to:

No Technical Society or Government Agency has established permeability standards. The National Bureau of Standards (NBS), now NIST, no longer makes permeability measurements on feebly magnetic materials. The standards used to calibrate the Severn Gage Instruments were measured periodically by NBS over 25 years with no significant change in measured values.

Ferrite Conformance to:

ASTM A 799/A 799M-10, ANSI/AWS 4.2M/A4.2:2006 ( ISO 8249: 2000 MOD), 10CFR- PART 21

*Severn Engineering Co. Quality Assurance Manual :SEV-ENG-96005 (B), 15 February 2014